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I aim my work to be striking, unorthodox and vibrant from the influence of my most inspirational photographer, David LaChapelle. Whose work taught me to always be creative, think out the box and to never hide away from what you do best.


My eye for detail is always key, benefitting from the Art interest I found I warmed to the brighter, eye catching colours.


Photographing people allows me to focus on my imagination, from fashion, portraits and weddings I feel the best photographs comes from the natural attire.


Its significant that I develop a friendship for a comfortable and content atmosphere for those natural photos.

Most of all photography is my life and I always strive to be the best that I can, not only for myself but also for you.

Alternative Photographer in Brighton East Sussex

hello! nice to meet you

My name is Rebecca, a woman born in the 90's currently living in the 50's!

Heres a few fun facts about me

  • I have MANY nicknames! Most common, Betty

  • I was brought up in Leicestershire and have recently moved to Brighton, East Sussex with my family and partner and I can't wait to begin this new adventure!

  • I'm a huge animal lover and adopted two Degus called Kibble & Digs (if you do not know what Degus are they are basically a really cute version of a chipmunk/squirrel) 

  • W adopted a beautiful West Highland Terrier called Charlie who I call my little brother (weird to some, yes it is) but he sadly passed away last year. Which is why I always carry around a yellow sheep called sheep which was his teddy. I also wear a sweet little necklace with his ashes inside. Normally people are stunned when I tell them this

  • Because of my love for animals I've been a vegetarian for nearly 2 years! Don't worry I'm not one of those that cry's and looks away when someone else eats meat. In fact I still cook a mean roast dinner for my partner

  • I'd describe myself as bubbly, colourful and open minded

  • When I say I like to change. My hair is now pink. Perhaps blue next? Who knows

  • I'm very much into the 1950's and 1970's style! Especially the 1950's dresses! But then I can change to dressing like the 1990's. I get bored easily when it comes to my style but its always within those era's that fascinate me the most


  • My partner, Jordan is also a photographer and filmmaker and we sometimes work together which is awesome!

  • Travelling and exploring the world has always been apart of me! Although I hate flying, feed me a few cocktails and I'll be fine


  • I'm a sucker for shopping at charity shops and the weirdest places I can find for the best clothes/decor/accessories and especially when it comes to my photography prop


  • As well as a photographer I'm also an artist and enjoy painting flowers, cakes, pets and anything else that involves lots of colour! 


  • I enjoy textiles on the side making cushions and a weird cupcake dress before


  • Textiles and Art play a huge part when it comes to the set designs in my photo shoots! 


  • My mind is continuously thinking of new and creative ideas which inspires me to sketch out the dramatic plans I have for my next fashion and beauty photo shoots such as the hair, makeup, set design, props etc


  • One of my best photo shoots is when I can let my imagination take control and be free with what to do


  • My favourite and most inspirational photographers are Nadia Lee Cohen and David LaChapelle  

  • I'm obsessed with cherries and cactus decor!

  • My music taste is all over! I can go from heavy metal to Jazz, from 90's rave to indie rock and from the 70's electro to old skool pop

  • My favourite films are too many to name! But if I could name a few they would be American Beauty, Star Wars, Harry Potter, Forrest Gump, Goodfellas, True Love, Pulp Fiction, Waynes World, Trainspotting, The Shining..the list could go on


  • The favourite place for me to be is beside the seaside


  • I always like to create symbolic projects for my own personal photographic work


  • Tea has always been and always will be my favourite drink! With a nice slice of Victoria sponge. Yum! 

Harry Potter Studios
Harry Potter set
Pretty picture of cherries
Cool decor at Turtle Bay
Oh I do like to be beside the sea
Cherries & tea & a weird pose
One of my personal projects
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50's diner in Florida
Magic kingdom in Florida
NYPD peace
NYC Time square
Tenerife landscape
View from Empire State Building
Time Square New York City
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Gazing out to Torquay
Peak district view
Under the sea with Jordan
Charlie & I at the seaside
Kibble the Degu
Digs the Degu
70's, 80's Festival
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'Alice' theme photo shoot set up
Pet photo shoot set up at Wyevale
Green paintings
Real chocolate paintings
Pet painting
Confectionary textile piece
The weird cupcake dress I made
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tyto productions brighton east sussex, v

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voodoo vixen clothing photography by hol
the vintage carnival photography by hold
little springers gymnastics photography
rokoko clothing brand asos photography b
london fashion weekend photogrpahy by ho
the dog parlour photography by holden st
wyevale garden centre photos by holden s

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