A Festive Dog Days 'P'out

This was a dream come true!

On a sunny weekend at the Wyevale Garden Centre I hosted a Christmas Pet Photo Shoot for all the doggies to have a swag time and shake their tales in front of the camera!

And boy did they make super cute photos and of course the clumsy hilarious ones too!

We had an exciting variety of characteristics that attended with all their own quirks and charms!

We had the doggies with the poised pose! Almost giving you the look as if to say "Love me, I'm an adorable teddy, I'll be the next Top Dog Model"

Especially little Boo who is seen below who really did melt our hearts

Boo The Cockapoo

We had the hyperactive and energetic doggies that jumped around, knocked over the studio, stole the treats and were a little bit sassy!

But I think they were just shy!

As soon as we lured them in front of the camera, they were loving every minute! And you could see the cheeky grin on their faces thinking "Haha it's all an act, I'm really the show queen/king"

Then there were the doggies on a shopping day out with their mates who fancied a group photo shoot together!

Although we can safely say there is always one friend who hates having their photo taken and is forced to participate! Hmm sounds like me

And of course lets not forget the stunning couple photos! These doggies were inseparable together and it was so 'Awwwwwwwwwwwww' to watch and take photographs of!

They knew how to work the camera showing a bit of tongue, cheeky cheeky

Finally, there were the doggies that really got into the Christmas spirit!

Wearing their adorable Christmas jumpers and Santa hats

These little monkeys were full of life to be celebrating the festive holidays and were so lovable!

I think they were excited for Santa to come and give them some treats!

Although it seemed as though Honey wanted to be one of Santa's reindeers!

Thank you to all the wonderful doggies for visiting our studio it was a pleasure to capture your personalities! You all made an excellent and deserving model

Thank you to the owners for bringing in your little companions it was lovely to meet you all

And finally a big thank you to Wyevale Garden Centre and The Doggy Parlour for allowing myself to produce a great Christmas doggy Photo Shoot event

Happy New Year from HoldenStudios!!!!!!!! YAY

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