One of my favourite Portrait Shoots of the lovely Monisha Saha

Working with Monisha for her Portrait Shoot was an inspiring experience.

Monisha wasn't sure about what she wanted her photographs to represent by showing her personality and displaying her image at the same time.

Sitting down and one too many cup of teas's later, we chatted about interests, hobbies, desires, style and ambition etc. Getting to know all about Monisha.

We both engaged in the love of bright, vivid colours. Then came a surprise that one of her favourite films of all time is American Beauty. Which was a huge shock to know with it being my top list of films to watch. Basically mimicking the film every time I watch it, sadly enough.

We combined the two together and discussed a few ideas that would be comfortable for her to do.

The next day the inspiration from American Beauty with the key colours of red roses and symbolic story urged me to develop creative collaborations that would bring out Monisha's personality. Ready for our photo shoot on the Monday.

As I made my way to the Studio on Monday morning. Monisha followed after within minutes, both excited and ready to shoot.

Bringing my props and tools with me that I had bought.

Some luminous orange flowers and fresh makeup that Monisha required with the right shades to suit her features. I applied the makeup and used shading to bring out her skin tone to define the shape and curves of her body. Including a soft base to highlight her eyes, lips and cheeks.

Using thin tape to stick the individual flowers around her body.

The lighting equipment was set, camera loaded, Monisha in front of me. Ready to shoot...

The photographs had turned out beautifully really detailing Monisha's beauty. She enjoyed every minute and absolutely loved the photographs which I couldn't be happier about.

Overall it was an encouraging experience working with Monisha and we will certainly be making further shoots for the future.


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