The house of Love, Cats and a Puppy

After an unsettled sleep from excitement for todays shoot! I was still up, ready and adventured to go. I had been looking forward to photograph for Sophie and Luke all week and today had finally arrived.

Bringing my buddy Canon with me and a few lenses. Including a few cute props to display and have fun with for the shoot such as:

Wicker baskets, buntings, bubbles, flowers, pet blankets and other little bits and bobs.

I couldn't wait to start, I arrived at their beautiful home and as soon as I stepped in the pets were filled with joy to be the centre of attention, posing in front of the camera.

An overall of 5 cats including a tiny kitten and a highly characteristic puppy.

There was Poppy, the shy tabby cat

Tigger, the chilled ginger

Then theres the trio of a Tabby Cat and two Siamese cats who join together as a little family

Casper (The Dad), Bella (The Mum) and Summer (The baby kitten)

And lets not forget the hyperactive Husky Malamute puppy, Ceaser or shall we say the most playful big bear!

All celebrating the engagement of Sophie and Luke and it was a pleasure to be apart of it.

Overall it was a great pleasure working with the couple and the family, although we all found it hectic trying to keep the animals together in one room! I think Sophie and Luke will definitely be having a good sleep tonight. Possibly the animals too for that matter.

But despite the puffing and panting from running around. We still managed to produce some heartwarming photographs and a flow of natural essence their wonderful home brought to the photos.

Thank you again you pair of love birds, was lovely to meet you and I hope to work with you again soon! What a friendly, cute couple to have met.


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